Windmill Applications

Windmills provide a cost effective, energy efficient solution to many situations:

Pumping Water for Cattle
Many ranches and farms rely on windmills to provide drinking water for their cattle. Windmills provide a dependable, low-cost solution to ensure herds stay hydrated. Different types and sizes of windmills and pumps are available depending on the type of service required.

Fill Lakes, Ponds, and Reservoirs
Another use for Muller windmills is to fill, and keep fill, water storage for later use. This can be in lakes, ponds, reservoirs or storage tanks. A variety of simple pumping methods are available based on our standard designs. Custom designs can also be created based on specific requirements.

Windmill Powered Irrigation
Muller windmills are capable of pumping large amounts of water for use with agricultural irrigation. Ideal for remote areas without electricity, it can be used to flood a field or flow through channels or irrigation pipes. Windmills can also pump from nearby rivers or lakes.

Drain Flooded Agricultural Land
For areas that require drainage, windmills can provide continuous pumping to drain tile lines, swamp land or other flooded agricultural areas. In one project, a windmill completely drained two miles of tile lines draining an 80-acre field in one day. The speed, consistency and low cost of windmills can be an ideal solution to reduce flooding issues caused by unpredictable weather.

Add Decorative Interest to a Landscape
Windmills add vertical interest to landscapes, farms, gardens, and ponds. Relax and enjoy watching the wind spin the blades of the wheel on top of towers ranging from 21 ft. to 67 ft. tall.

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